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Our Focus

Our focus is to offer the opportunities for import and export worldwide. 25 years of experience has allowed us to open many doors for your business needs. We provide cost-effective and timely logistics solution for any demanding industry. Our clients become our partners and our family. We strongly believe that your growth is our growth!

Our Story

RTS Freight and Services,  is a family owned business that is dedicated in provide specialized logistics to an array of industries.  We focus on end-to-end design worldwide, in freight forwarding, transportation management, distribution management, sea freight port-to-port service, fulfillment center and warehousing.

We have over 25 years offering every customer a tailored service to meet there logistical needs.  We specialize to consumer and retail, e-commerce, technology, automotive, medical, hospitality, industrial and educational equipment

RTS Freight and Services Strive to develop, more efficient ways to help you reach business, lower your bottom line expenses, allowing your company to expand thru markets and networks.  We believe that by helping our clients “move forward” efficiently we can deliver results for growth and success. Your success is our success and our goal!

Next Steps...

Give us a call! We start researching and sourcing to make your idea more than just that!